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Emphasis has helped thousands of students learn English. Emphasis achieve this through our their method, the Emphasis Method, which uses scientific research on language learning as well as proven language teaching methods. We make the process of learning English efficient, enjoyable, and effective. The Emphasis Method enables students to excel at their own pace to the best of their abilities. Emphasis employs passionate, native-speaking teachers who love working with kids. In addition to their passion, they all have broad international exposure and bring to the table multi-industry experience. They too embrace the Emphasis Method and put this at the core of their classroom experience

Students at Emphasis are taught by level rather than age. This enables students to focus on achieving more than their current abilities rather than what age may dictate. Emphasis want our students to achieve maximum fluency, regardless of background or previous education.

Our classes focus on developing the four skills of reading, writing, speaking & listening based on the grammar and vocabulary targets of the lesson. They are very interactive and engaging and there is a strong balance between the formal and informal in learning. This approach allows students to master skills which will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

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