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Have you ever noticed how your skin dries out and ages more quickly at certain areas of your body?
There are three vulnerable places with accelerated dryness and they are the skin around your eyes
and also the skin on your hands and feet. These are the areas that need extra care and that’s what
skin-pampering ELV masks are for. The Relieving Steam Eye Mask helps in addressing dark circles and
eye bags, which makes you look lifeless and tired. It’s useful for relieving tired and dry eyes, and also
helps you sleep better, even during long flights. ELV Skin Restoring Hand Mask works by nourishing dry
and damaged hands. The mask also brightens the skin on the hands, revealing a lovely, fairer-looking
pair of hands. To care for your feet, ELV offers a special Skin Rejuvenating Foot Mask which exfoliates
the foot, making it soft and smooth like a baby’s. It also moisturizes dry rough skin, leaving you with a
pretty pair of feet.

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