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Elements Medical Fitness is a boutique gym. With limited memberships that ensure exclusivity, personalised services, a wide range of top of the line fitness equipment and facilities encompassing a large area, Elements aims to be your home of health. Their services include a variety of exercise classes, a personalised programme scheme, and an in-house chef for detox programmes as well as a one time functional medicine doctor and nutritionist consultations when you sign up. Their facilities on the other hand, includes a 100ft infinity heated pool, an outdoor garden, a fully equipped gym, a studio, a sauna, locker rooms, safety deposit boxes, and two floors of basement parking for visitors.

Membership Fees:

Joining fees are RM500 and admin fees are RM100. After paying the initial fees, you can choose from two types of memberships. One is the standard gym membership at RM269 (3 months term), RM249 (6 months terms), or RM229 (12 months term) per month. The second option is the gym and crossfit membership at RM399 (3 months term), RM369 (6 months term), or RM329 (12 months term) per month.

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    elements medical fitness

    5 out of 5, reviewed on October 1, 2018

    sangat canggih dengan mengunakan peralatan yang baru dan terkini . Kawasan yang sangat selesa untuk melalukan aktiviti kecergasan .

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