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Cleaning our house can be an exhausting chore. It is something that often take hours and a whole lot of sweat to get our house spotless. That is where home appliances can be our best friend where a lot time and sweat can be saved. Electrolux is one such brand to help you on your quest for a spotless home. The Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner ZMO1530 will save you a whole lot of trouble when it comes to cleaning the dirt from underneath your sofa, between the curtains or behind closets, resulting in satisfactory results.

Be Impressed with Vacuum Cleaner

With the Electrolux ZMO1530 Bagged Vacuum Cleaner, efficient cleaning and perfect results are guaranteed. With a power consumption of an impressive 1600W, the Electrolux ZMO1530 Bagged Vacuum Cleaner will ensure that your house will be dirt-free. Plus, the ZMO1530 comes equipped with different accessories such as the basic nozzle, hard floor nozzle, combination crevice and upholstery nozzle to suit all your cleaning needs.

Powerful and Silent Cleaner

The Electrolux ZMO1530 Bagged Vacuum Cleaner is a silent helper ensuring you a peaceful cleaning experience. It also boasts a power regulator that controls and optimizes the motor speed for better cleaning results. Once you’re done cleaning, the dust level indicator lets you know when to replace the dust bag so you can continue cleaning more effectively. The Electrolux ZMO1530 Bagged Vacuum Cleaner is a relatively small and compact machine making it easy to be stored and handled.

About Electrolux Appliances

Been around since 1919, Electrolux is a global brand leader in home appliances. Electrolux produces their range of quality appliances based on consumer insight and by collaborating with professional users. Electrolux is the only appliance manufacturer in the world to offer complete solutions for both consumers and professionals. Electrolux design their products innovatively and thoughtfully for households and businesses to fulfil the needs of consumers all over the world. Electrolux has products such as refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners and small applianc

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