EBENE Bio-Heat Extra Strength Pain Relief Cream

Product Details

EBENE Bio-Heat Extra Strength Pain Relief Cream, a unique cream with Bio-Heat & Chinese Herbs. Specially for neck, spinal area, back and joint pain. It can be used to relief backache, knee pain, neck & shoulder pain, hip pain, muscle aches & cramps and headaches. It is different than any normal cream as it contains Bio-Heat ingredients penetrate deeply into pain areas to ‘create energy’ in affected areas.

Suitable for:

  • People who suffer neck area pain due to long hours at computer
  • People who have wrist pain
  • People who suffer from shoulder ache
  • People who have waist pain
  • People who have spinal area pain
  • Elderly who have knee pain caused by eg. rheumatism
  • People who have symptoms of cramps
  • People who have leg muscle pain after sports
  • People who suffer from arm and elbow pain
  • People who have sprained or pain in ankles
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