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Eagle brand eucalyptus oil is non greasy and has a fresh eucalyptus aroma.

The oil from the Eucalyptus plant has long been known to have natural anti-bacterial properties free from artificial chemicals. Eucalyptus oil works effectively to clear the respiratory passage, acting as nature’s formula to provide relief for colds and wind. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect, and eases muscular pains and minor bruises when applied. Eagle Brand Eucalyptus Oil is non-greasy and has a fresh eucalyptus scent and can be used for direct application – dabbed on a tissue to be inhaled when you have a cold.

  1. Ariel
    280 reviews

    Great for the daily aches of life's activities

    4 out of 5, reviewed on June 20, 2018

    My muscles were sore after working out and I needed some relief. Luckily, I had this on hand. When I opened the bottle, the smell of eucalyptus immediately permeated the air around me, so eucalyptus lovers will appreciate the fresh, strong scent which lingers. It’s definitely great for clearing blocked noses, too!

    I applied a liberal dose over my aching muscles on my shoulders and quadriceps. The effect was mild and I felt a subtle cooling sensation on my skin. It did provide some relief and I needed to apply it a few more times throughout the day to see more effects. It’s very handy to carry around in your purse or gym bag. Just be careful not to pour too much as a little goes a long way,

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