Dr.Wu Vit’A Capsule Mask (S:3’S C:Deep Hydrating)

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After cleansing, spread the mask. Each package composed of three layers of which the middle layer is the active mask. Discard the plastic layer and place the middle active layer onto your face. After positioning, peel off the blue layer and wait for 10-15 minutes. Apply other DR.WU Skincare solutions concurrently for better results. Suggest using 2-3 times a week, or more often depends on own condition. PROCEDURES : Cleanser > Toner > deep Hydrating Capsule Mask > Serum > Lotion/Cream

Deep Hydrating Capsule Mask is a revolutionary Sustained-Release Encapsulation Technology to effectively deliver to skin active ingredients. Its main active ingredients, Vitamin A Palmitate can deeply hydrate, repair and increase skin elasticity. Pentavitin and Ceramela can minimize dryness and desquamation, strengthen horny layer to maintain skin’s barrier properties, and increase the humidity propoerties of skin. Continuous application can increase skin moisture, improve skin elasticity and help repair and replenish skin.

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