Dr.Wu Extra Hydrating Lotion With Hyaluronic Acid

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Apply small amount to face and neck using firm and smooth circular movements from the central T-zone of the face towards the outer edges. Use daily, day and night. Apply other DR.WU Skincare solutions concurrently for better results. PROCEDURES : Cleanser > Toner > Serum > Extra Hydrating Lotion > Sunblock

Extra Hydrating Lotion is a lusciously light and refreshing moisturizer that hydrates, perfects, and protects. DR.WU’s intensive Hydrating Formula contains high potency 5th generation Hyalucomplex which is the most advanced hydrating formula combining Sodium Hyaluronate, Hyalo-Oligo, Hyalufix GL and OptimHyal which attracts, retains and creates hydration and moisture all through skin layers. Dulcemin, Squalane and Tocopheryl Acetate can be easily absorbed by skin to facilitate hydration, repairs the horny layer and helps maintain skin’s barrier properties that improve the moisturization and create softer, smoother skin.

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