Dermalogica Smart Response Serum
Dermalogica Smart Response Serum

Dermalogica Smart Response Serum

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Targeted to recognize and address micro-changes in the skin before they’re visible to the naked eye, the Smart Response Serum by Dermalogica effectively addresses skin’s needs in real time. It is designed to respond to the skin’s signals and addresses the skin’s concerns – some of which aren’t even obvious yet to the naked eye. Using the SmartResponse Technology, Smart Response Serum combines four targeted active ingredients that know where to go and what to do on our skin. There is Gallic Acid from Japanese Cornelia Cherry which senses skin’s inflammatory response, and activates itself to soothe and reduce the appearance of redness. Then, there is Mannose-6-Phosphate to help detect collagen weakness – at the first signs of visible skin aging, it will help to smooth and firm the skin. Hydrolyzed Wheat Flour, which is rich in Arabinoxylo-Oligosaccharides helps detect over-production of melanin, and helps to brighten the skin and reduces the appearance of dark spots. Last but not least, there are Oligosaccharides from Hydrolyzed Beta Glucan which can reach even the smallest cracks in skin’s lipid barrier, react where it detects dehydration, and hydrates! Whatever your skin issue, the Smart Response Serum will help you address it; and the result? Healthy, glowing skin that just gets better-looking each day.

皮肤可以最直观地反映一个人的身体状况和变化,尤其是面部肌肤。随着年龄、压力、环境等等的综合影响,肌肤有可能会面临缺水、发红、色斑、没有光泽等问题。因此,在肌肤问题未出现前,能从源头阻截和补救缺失的营养、水分对肌肤来说是十分重要的一环。全新一代精华液 —— 德美乐嘉智能全效修护精华(Dermalogica Smart Response Serum)采用崭新智能回应(SmartResponse)技术,微观肌肤细微变化,从而管理肌肤在任何时间、环境下的各种需求。智能全效修护精华蕴含四款活性成分,具备补湿、舒缓、亮白、紧致等不同功效,同时针对不同肌肤组织问题作深层修护。
日本山茱萸樱桃提取的没食子酸具有舒缓和抗炎作用,它能感应肌肤的炎症反应,从而减少面肌红肿现象。甘露糖-6-磷酸侦测肌肤缺乏胶原蛋白的弱点 —— 肌肤出现细纹和皱纹,它有助于修复肌肤衰老的迹象,令肌肤更光滑和紧致。富含阿拉伯木寡醣的水解小麦粉有助于侦测肌肤过度生产黑色素,它会自动激活,帮助提亮肌肤和减少色斑的出现。而由水解β-葡聚糖提取的低聚醣则能到达皮肤屏障最微小的裂缝,为肌肤补水,保持肌肤水润亮泽。

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