Deerma Handheld Vacuum Cleaner DX118C

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• Great Design: The Deerma DX118C has a really good design feature. The bright colour of the vacuum makes it look vibrant to be kept in a happy household. There is also a transparent dust cup for you to see how much dust has accumulated for you to know when to clean it. The lightweight design is handy as you will not be tired of too much vacuuming.
• Convenient To Use: The crevice nozzle feature of the Deerma DX118C is a nifty feature for a vacuum cleaner to have. This allows the vacuum cleaner to clean spaces between furniture and ensure that no dust bunnies form under your sofa set.
• Powerful: The cyclone system of the Deerma DX118C more powerful vacuuming as well.

  1. atul70
    3 reviews

    sangat menyenangkan

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 28, 2018

    Kali pertama saya menggunakan vacuum jenama ini,saya sangat sukakannya kerana dapat menyenangkan saya dalam melakukan kerja2 rumah terutama dalam pembersihan.walaupun harganya yang berpatutan namun sangat berbaloi dan berpuas hati.selain harganya yang berpatutan,untuk mencuci vacum ini pun sangat memudahkan dan ringan.

  2. Jennylim25
    6 reviews

    Deerma Handheld Vacuum Cleaner DX118C

    5 out of 5, reviewed on February 9, 2018

    I have bought this vacuum cleaner a few months before. It is very easy to use and the power is quite strong. The noise level is acceptable and it is not heavy. By the way, i like its colour. It can be used as handheld vacuum or u can put the handle on to use as a normal vacuum to clean the floor. There is another thing i like which is it can be kept easily at a corner of my room and it is not occupying a big space as it can stand nicely. And it is not expensive. It is really a nice product and help me so much in cleaning my room and the house.

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