Daikin MC70TVMM Streamer Air Purifier With Wireless Remote Controller(46m²)

Product Details

“Streamer Discharge” is a type of plasma discharge in which high speed electrons capable of oxidative decomposition are generated. It has the ability to eliminate bacteria and mould as well as hazardous chemical substances and allergens, etc. Compared to standard plasma discharge (glow discharge), the discharge range of Daikin’s Streamer Discharge is wider, which makes electrons easier to collide with oxygen and nitrogen in the air. This enables high speed electrons to be generated three dimensionally over a wide area, which results in an oxidative decomposition speed that is over 1000 times greater with the same electrical power. Daikin’s Streamer Discharge technology has proven successful in stably generating high speed electrons, a feat that has been considered difficult up to now.

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