CUCKOO Intelligent Rice Cooker 6 Cups (CR-0651F)

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Korean No.1 Best Selling Pressure Cooker. All New Definition of “All in One”.The smartest technology of pressure cooker is now ready for Malaysia with 37 years of experience in developing pressure cooker technology. Cuckoo aims to bring every home the happiness of having delicious meals with your loves one. You are the Chef with Cuckoo preset various cooking modes especially for rice cook. We promise high quality product with 3 stages of quality control and safety guideline to deliver the best cooking experience for you. Experience the best rice cookers from No.1 Korean brand – Cuckoo. The design of the rice cooker is futuristic oval shape. This MICOM rice cooker has a very complete sets of cooking menus:
• Glutinous Rice
• Mixed Brown GABA
• Porridge
• Steam Baby Food
• Multi Cook
• Auto Clean function
• Turbo mode which cooks rice in 22 mins time.

  1. cherrylee
    73 reviews

    convenient, simple use, saves time

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 23, 2017

    My hubby just bought this for me recently. I likes to using this Cuckoo pressure rice cooker to prepare daily dinner for my family. It’s so convenient and easy!! It’s also saves alot time & can prepare meals in short time. This cooker use for cooking rice, stew soup, cook porridge, fry & so on. Nice! I can think for next try dishes!!

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