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Having a second or third language as part of one’s skill set is like having a wild card up your sleeves. Not only is it a cool tool to possess, it also opens up pathways to a more dynamic social environment through better communication and deeper insight into other cultures.

With Mandarin being one of the most sought-after requirements in the current employment landscape, you’d be wise to give your little ones an early start through Cubs Mandarin Early Years (CMEY), a Mandarin academic based programme designed to inspire curiosity and love for learning, enhance children’s command of Mandarin and prepare them for a formal Mandarin education setting. Children will also be taught in English and Bahasa Melayu, empowering them with fluency in the languages.

Employing a curriculum that draws upon Bronfenbrenner’s Bioecological Systems Theory, which views child development as a complex system influenced and impacted by relationships and connecting environments, the CMEY Programme encourages and boosts children’s personal skills and fosters confidence in young boys and girls as they share ideas, explore and express themselves through languages, activities and play.

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