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Other than sunlight, we live in a world of artificial light source from fluorescent light, digital devices like smartphones, LED appliances, and these emit blue light, which is made up of two types – good and bad. While the the good blue turquoise light is essential to regulate our sleep / wake cycle, memory and cognitive performance, the bad blue violet contributes to cataract, and also damages retina cells causing AMD (Age Related Macular Disease), while increasing risks to other eye diseases. Essilor, the world leader in corrective ophthalmic lenses offers the solution with Crizal® Prevencia™, the first clear lens in the market to selectively filter harmful blue light from the sun and digital devices while allowing essential blue light to pass through the lens for our well-being. Thanks to its exclusive technology of E-SPF® and Lightscan™ Technology which filters harmful UV Ray and harmful blue light, Crizal® Prevencia™ aims at protecting the wearer’s eyes from harmful light everyday. It also acts like a shield to provide complete protection against reflections, scratches, smudges, dust and water.

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