Coway Water Filter Ferry P-08L

Product Details


It is contemporary. It is compact. It fits in everywhere. It is all you need for your convenient daily clean water intake.

Key Features


  • its operated entirely by water pressure without electricity. So, it makes you free from worries about electricity bills.

Easy to Operate

  • Inspired by the helm of ship as the design of one-twist extraction allows easy and continuous dispensing of water.The rotating dial mode allows easy use and reduces the burden on the wrist. You can easily and continuously extract ambient water by turning the dial to the end.

A detachable cork for quick self-cleaning

  • The separated airtight structure prevents secondary contamination inside the storage tank that is caused by foreign materials such as dusts, bugs and so forth.

High Performance RO Membrane Filter System that Extracts Premium P.RO Water

  • Special materials and structures are applied for extraordinarily reliable P.RO water supply.
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