Coway Air Purifier Tuba AP-3008FH

Product Details


The Tuba is a super-capacity air purifier equipped with the latest and most advanced technology.

Key Features

Dust Sensor

  • The sensors detect indoor air pollution level based on the dust particles floating in the air.

Odour Sensor

  • Detects air quality level based on the gases produced by odours.

Real-Time Airflow Speed Adjustment

  • Automatically adjusts airflow speed based on air quality level.

Smart A3 Saving Mode

  • Even during Sleep Mode, it intelligently detects dust particles, performs filtration and automatically shuts down again.

Air Quality Indicator

  • The colour of LED indicator provides immediate notification of current indoor air quality.

Turbo Mode

  •  Switch to Turbo for faster and more effective purification.

Anti-Flu HEPA™ Filter

  • Coway Anti-Flu HEPA Filter that formulated by Ginko and Japanese Sumac extracts able to deactivate the virus by destroying the protein on its surface.

Advanced Air Purification System

  • Combined with Anti-Flu HEPA™ Filter, the newly added Anti-Microbial Filter enhances the air quality within areas with bad air circulation.


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