Country Farm Organics Dried Cranberries

Product Details

CFO Dried Cranberries are sourced from top reputable organic cranberry company in North America. With its ideal growing conditions in Quebec and high quality control in cranberries processing, they offer fuller, softer and more delicate dried cranberries to all berry lovers. They are 100% natural, no fat nor cholesterol and are processed in allergen-free environment.

Benefits of Product:

  1. Source of antioxidants: Helps to protect body cells from free radical damage
  2. Rich in iron: Helps in red blood cell formation
  3. Rich in dietary fibre: Normalises bowel movement and relieve constipation
  4. Helps to maintain a healthy urinary tract

Why is every dried cranberry lightly sweetened with sugar?

Cranberries come from low-lying vines or shrubs which grow in bogs. Berries that reach full maturity gives a tart and tangy peak flavour. Traditionally, they are infused with sugar and sliced in half before being dried in order to reduce the tartness of cranberries.


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