Cornell Stand Mixer CSM-E9008SSWH

Product Details

For your mixing needs, go for Cornell Stand Mixer CSM-8007HP! It mixes and smoothen your dough and batches perfectly. Giving the texture you desire with its 5 speed selection and two types of beaters. Knead and beat dough, up to 2.5 liters.

User Friendly Design

Being lightweight and comfortable, it won’t leave you with aching hands at the end of the day. Don’t feel like using it as a stand mixer? Detach it and use it as a hand mixer. How cool is that? After use, you can remove the bowl and the beaters for easy, no-fuss cleaning.

Adjustable Speed Settings

Cornell Stand Mixer CSM-8007HP has 5 speed settings. So, be creative and adjust the pace to your liking and achieve the texture you want. Whether you want it smooth, frothy or soft, this hand mixer does everything for you in one go.

Practical Functions

To cater to all your batching needs, the Cornell Stand Mixer CSM-8007HP comes with 2 types of beaters – the dough beater and the dough hook. You can easily remove and reattach these two tools by yourself without a hassle. Too busy in the kitchen? You can let this mixer operate by itself.

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