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Cornell Smart Cooker is so much more than just a rice cooker. It allows you to whip up 20 styles of cooking. It comes in a trendy Korean-style rounded design that looks great on any kitchen counter top, too!

It has 20 pre-programmed settings including:

  • cake
  • soup
  • stew
  • fry
  • bake
  • pasta
  • yogurt
  • jam
  • steam
  • milk
  • porridge
  • cooking
  • reheat
  • pilaf
  • pizza
  • slow cook
  • wine
  • bread
  • oil fry
  • oatmeal

Each purchase comes with a free recipe book so you can make delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and plenty of snacks in between with just one appliance.


Weight: 5.2 kg
Dimensions: 305 x 410 x 275 mm
Power: 860W
Capacity: 1.8 L
Hidden Blu-Ray digital display, add a sense of mystery
Handle ceramic inner pot, use safely and conveniently
Rear water collector, clean and beautiful
Original fry function, control the oil temperature more intelligent
3D keep warm technology, it is good to keep warm
The trend of Korean-style, showing lovely rounded design
Up to 20 functions, you can cook a hearty meal at any time
Motouch smart touch panel, touch gently, nutritional food come easily
24 hours smart preset, cook conveniently
With 2.0mm non-stick coating inner pot

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    1 reviews


    5 out of 5, reviewed on May 17, 2020

    This multifunctional cooker is superb.
    I enjoy using this cooker to bake cake and bread, make porridge and spaghetti, boil soup, frying chicken and nugget, reheat my food, steam rice, fish, and chicken, stir fry vegetables, making jam, making pizza.
    I enjoy my precious time with my family using this smart cooker to make scrumptious food and share with my families… Thanks cornell for delivering this awesome product

  2. Avatar

    649 reviews

    Really love

    5 out of 5, reviewed on February 12, 2020

    I really love ths products Cornell Smart Cooker dapat memudahkan waktu masak Serta menjadikan masakan lebih sedap Dan sihat ….juga lebih kreatif dalam menyediakan menu masakan…Cornell Smart Cooker pelbagai jenis dessert Dan masakan dapat dihasilkan Serta hanya perlu set time Dan pilih jenis masakan YG sesuai dengan menu YG ingin dimasak… Kerja lebih mudah Serta menjimatkan tenaga… Mood nk masak jadi lebih ceria… Hidangan still sedap Dan special evn mood malas tu datang…Cornell Smart Cooker kesayangan semua isi rumah…bubur Dan sup Serta pelbagai makanan segera juga.mudah disajikan… Tetamu datang rumah Tak perlu tunggu lama untuk Kita hidangkan makanan..Cornell Smart Cooker sangat terbaik..

  3. Avatar

    108 reviews

    Make my life more easier!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on February 20, 2019

    Thanks and Cornell for the generous giveaway for the Cornell Smart Cooker! The smart cooker comes with some free kitchen accessories, warranty card and a recipes book. The touch screen is super sensitive, the panel is easy to navigate around and there is total 16 ways of cooking method available to accommodate our daily cooking needs. At least i can play around different way of cooking or recipes every single day instead of just stir fry for my meal.

    As a health conscious and busy working adult. I always more prefer to home-cook dishes with less salt, sugar and seasoning. Cornell Smart Cooker, gives me an impressive cooking experience especially with their porridge function. Zero monitoring, stirring on and off is no longer required and no more spill over everywhere. The seafood (scallop and prawn) porridge is well cooked, smooth, sweet from the ingredient (scallop and prawn) and no burning at the bottom of the pot (it is non-stick)! Super easy to maintain the cleanliness and relatively short in their cooking time (just half an hour for porridge).

    It is ideal to carry around during outstation (compact) and all i need to do is just buy some raw food ingredients from local supermarket. Forget about the seasoning, Cornell smart cooker will never disappointing you with their superb capability in serving a healthy and delicious dishes for you with just one touch, while you can do your other house chores or works at the same time.

    With their market selling price, affordable and definitely worth the price.

  4. Avatar

    321 reviews

    Pengguna Puas Hati

    5 out of 5, reviewed on February 2, 2019

    Cornell Smart Cooker ni design dia mmg awesome. Nampak canggih dan mmg canggih pun sebenarnya. Alhamdulillah sy berpuas hati sangat dgn penggunaan Cornell Smart Cooker ni. Sy sendiri mencuba membuat kek pandan dan masak nasi menggunakan Cornell Smart Cooker ni dan hasilnya sangat memuaskan hati. Kek masak sempurna dan tidak melekat langsung pd periuk. Terbaik la. Begitu juga nasi. Nasi yg dimasak menggunakan Cornell Smart Cooker ni pd sy lebih gebu, lembut walaupun dibiarkan begitu saja. Sukatan air masak nasi sy guna sukatan 1pot beras 2pot air yg mana kurang sukatan airnya berbanding sukatan biasa yg sy gunakan (biasa guna sukatan jari telunjuk ruas yg kedua). Nasi yg terhasil juga peroi dan sangat cantik. Bangga sekejap berjaya masak nasi dgn cemerlang. Sy juga sukakan designnya yg mana ia nampak stylish sangat dan warna hitam yg menawan. Biasanya periuk nasi selalu berwarna putih. Mmg unik bila dpt warna hitam ini. Menyerlahkan lagi seri cooker ini. Tak malu bila tetamu masuk dapur. Cooker ini juga besar kapasitinya. 1.8l boleh la masak utk sekeluarga 7 ahli sekaligus. Senang nk handle cookeer ni. Hanya masukkan periuk dan bahan2 yg diperlukan dan tekan mode button yg sepatutnya tekan button start tunggu sehingga masak. Semuanya touch screen. Cantik dan Ada banyak fungsi pulak tu. Mudah je 1 cooker pelbagai guna. Nak masak nasi, kek, sup, rendang semuanya dihujung jari dgn Cornell Smart Cooker ni. Lepas guna just lapkan mana2 bahagian periuk yg comot. Satu lg yg sy paling suka cooker ni adalah ia mempunyai takung air di belakang cooker utk menakung air2 drp pengewapan semasa proses masakan. Jd takde la menitis2 air semasa membuka penutup cooker. Sy mmg mencari produk seperti ini. Plug yg dibekalkan pun plug 3pin normal utk kegunaan Malaysia. Wayar plug pun cukup panjang. Bagusnya Cornell Smart Cooker ni dibekalkan manual dan buku resepi. Boleh la cuba resepi2 yg dicadangkan. Owh ya. Cornell Smart Cooker juga lengkap dgn warranty card, tray pengukus, senduk dan penyukat2. Tak rugi rasanya memiliki Cornell Smart Cooker ni. Berbaloi-baloi sangat la. Sy rekomen utk semua.

  5. Bella Anies
    18 reviews

    A must-have multi-function kitchen appliances at home.

    5 out of 5, reviewed on January 25, 2019

    I really love my new Cornell Smart Cooker. The Motouch smart touch panel make it easy to operate it. It has 20 functions (cake / soup / stew / fry / bake / pasta / yogurt / jam / steam / milk / porridge / cooking / reheat / pilaf / pizza / slow cook / wine / bread / oil fry / oatmeal), I can cook a hearty meal at any time which allows me to stew, steam, stir fry and deep fry.

    My family enjoy beautifully prepared rice with variety meals thanks to the quick and easy Cornell 1.8L Smart Cooker key features with a clever keep-warm function. My kids love to eat chicken soup, and it can be done in less than 15 minutes with this smart cooker. That is something amazing that makes me so happy because I can now do cook multiple meals at one time. Just put all the ingredients inside and press the start button with the soup function.

    I’m struggling with my old faulty rice cooker,
    With the kids around I need something really power,
    So when I got my brilliant Cornell Smart Cooker,
    I’m so happy that it has variety cooking program and I can save time with foods that are healthier,

    Making room convenient, easy and mess-free,
    With superb built-in technology,
    Saving time, energy plus electricity ,
    I just concentrate on cooking meals that are yummy!

    Thank you Cornell Smart Cooker! For making my life so much easier.

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