Cornell Jar Rice Cooker 1.8L CRC-JE180

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Cornell 1.8L Deluxe Rice Cooker power is 700W, can use for Rice, Fast Cook Porridge, Steam , Cake , SteamBot, Soup And Fry. This Rice Cooker come with digital control panel, safety indicator lights, measuring cup and scoop, removable steamer, keep warm function and non stick inner pot.5 ways to cook rice that’s tastier Tomato Rice Cooking tomato rice is as simple as putting in chunks of tomato, 1/2 table spoon of salt, some raisins, cashews and cooking it.

The end result, fragrant and mouthwatering delicious tomato rice.Ghee Rice A popular North Indian way of cooking rice is to put a table spoon of ghee into your rice. It adds more flavor and makes it more savory Lemon ,Rice For a tangy and zesty flavor, add some chicken stock and a pinch of salt into your uncooked rice. Once your rice cooker turns to keep warm, open the lid and add some lemon juice and butter.Once done, throw it in the rice cooker. You might need to cook it more than once depending on your rice cooker.

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    3 out of 5, reviewed on October 20, 2018

    boleh la untuk dijadikan periuk nasi sementara. saya sudah menggunakanya dan mendapati kualiti tidak baik. nasi jadi berkerak . Dan penutup kurang kedap dan cepat longgar. saya pengguna yang berkhemah jika menggunakan sesuatu barang.

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