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Comfy Care Dry Shampoo effectively removes dirt and sweat odour without wetting the hair. It also helps to minimise scalp irritation and absorb excess oil. Comfy Care Dry Shampoo is also used by bed-ridden patients and those who cannot wash hair with normal shampoo. Outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy camping, jungle trekking, will find Comfy Care Dry Shampoo very convenient to use when access to water is limited.

  1. EnjoyNjoy87
    13 reviews

    Use it for my oily hair

    3 out of 5, reviewed on February 5, 2018

    I use it because I have oily hair. When I go out whole day, my hair will become oily and my hair will be sticky. I put some dry shampoo on my hair and it can add volume to my hair. It also give a nice smell after I use it. I did not feel my hair is cleaned but only make my hair looks dry again because the powder can absorb oil from my hair.

  2. sallyinlee93
    1004 reviews

    use for confinement

    2 out of 5, reviewed on August 9, 2017

    trying to use this during confinement but I really can’t accept it, I prefer wash my hair with shampoo and water.
    I feel that my hair is not clean enough with this kind of powder.

  3. carmen727
    37 reviews

    Cleaned my hair scalp throughly

    5 out of 5, reviewed on July 21, 2017

    Used this during my confinement period. It does helped reduce odour and cleaned my scalp. Price is reasonable and easily found in pharmacy.

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