Colostrum Powder Forte Advance

Product Details

Colostrum Powder Forte Advance contains the high-quality, grade A colostrum sourced from US & higher level of IgG (500mg per serving) that provides the optimal defence in preventing viral and bacterial infections. Colostrum Powder Forte Advance is packed with the finest quality of ingredients with the latest, excellent nano-technology that allows optimized absorption in the body, ensuring total wellness of you and your loved ones.

Why Colostrum Powder Forte Advance?
• Unadulterated to maintain the wholeness of its nutrients
• DHA originated from seaweed extract (suitable for vegetarians)
• Microencapsulated Calcium to boost body’s Calcium absorption
• Microencapsulated Lutein & Zeaxanthin for eye protection
• Microencapsulated and patented 9 types of Probiotics for targeted absorption and maximum gut protection (with 1.5 billion CFU/serving)
• Added with GOS and FOS as Prebiotics
• Free of synthetic hormones, pesticides (DDT) and antibiotics
• BSA/TSE/FMD free
• Manufactured according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards and regulations


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