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With aging comes the slow-down in the production of collagen (the most abundant protein in our body),
leading to a list of symptoms, one of which is joint pain and stiffness. After all, there is good reason
why it’s known as ‘the bond that holds the body together’. Thankfully, it’s possible to address and
maintain joint health with COLLAWELL® Collagen Hydrolysate, a hydrolyzed form of collagen produced
using a gentle, carefully controlled enzymatic hydrolysis process. Collagen hydrolysate is known to aid
in the synthesis of collagen in cartilage and connective tissues, helping to keep them flexible and agile.
COLLAWELL® Collagen Hydrolysate is generally safe to consume too, being non-GMO and free from
gluten, soy, shellfish, fish, egg, milk, peanuts and sugar. It is useful for supplementing and regulating
the functions of collagen for healthier, problem-free joints.

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