Claire Organics Yummy Lips Intensive Lip Therapy With Rose Geranium

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Geranium essential oil is very beneficial in the treatment of acne, dermatitis and other skin diseases. Rose Geranium essential oil can also prevent muscles and skin from sagging, as well as the untimely loosening and loss of teeth by tightening up the gums. Finally, it can reduce the presence of wrinkles by tightening the facial skin, thereby delaying some of the effects of premature aging.

The strong properties of geranium essential oil prevent bacteria or microbes from developing on wounds and keeps you safe from developing infections. It is a powerful cicatrisant, so it helps the scars and other spots on the skin to fade and vanish. Its hemostatic agent aids in the healing of wounds and the prevention of toxins from entering the bloodstream through open or unclotted wounds. Geranium Oil promotes cell health, encourages the recycling of dead cells, and the regeneration of new cells.

Shea butter is traditional used to reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars and stretch marks, and to ease a variety of skin irritations, such as psoriasis and eczema.

Pure vitamin E oil is helpful for scar healing and prevention because it goes beneath the surface of skin to block free radicals.

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    Claire Organics Yummy Lips Intensive Lip Therapy With Rose Geranium

    4 out of 5, reviewed on September 2, 2017

    This Claire Organics lip balm is sweet for me but smell good. Is good especially you are in cold country and just simple apply it on your lips to prevent it get cracks or having dry lips.

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