Citi Simplicity+ Credit Card

Product Details

Citi Simplicity+ The card that keeps it simple.

When you’re on time, you deserve the credit. Citi Simplicity+ gives 10% interest back every month for on-time payments. Plus, there is no late payment charge, no over limit fee and no annual fee for Citi Simplicity+ Credit Card.

Features and Benefits:

10% interest back

  • Get 10% interest back on purchases and cash advances every month when you pay at least the minimum monthly due amount on-time.
  • Rebate earned will automatically be credited in your upcoming statement.
  • No capping on rebates so your savings can really add up.

*Note that interest back refers to rebate on finance charge

No over limit fee

If you happen to go over your credit limit, we understand. Which is why we don’t charge you a fee.

No late payment charge

Nobody likes late payment charge. Which is why we don’t charge them. It’s that simple.

No annual fee

No annual fee every single year. How simple.

Citi World Privileges

Enjoy the best exclusive privileges at your favorite beauty and wellness, shopping and travel merchants all year long.

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