ChungHo 500 Plus Water Purifier

Product Details

ChungHo 500 Plus Water Purifier – 3 in 1 Water Purifier

High capacity 3-temp water purifier sufficient for entire family. Equipped with ChungHo patented Peace-of-Mind technology in a red-wine beauty.

Streamedlined High-quality Design

Slim-type design installs anywhere in the kitchen or living room. Easy, space-efficient.

Upscale Color

Only ChungHo Water Purifier 500 PLUS different colors. It’s very luxurious.

Fresh Technology

Connect to the USB port to check operation of product. Deliver even more upgraded services.

Hot Water Lock Function

When the lock function is set, hot water intake is not selected to prevent the elderly and children from burns.

Touch Sensor

The easy-to-use sensor application allows for effortless and enjoyable drinking water.

Electronic Water Intake System

Enjoy fresh cold, hot and ambient water by pressing the button.


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