Chigo Steam Ironing Machine

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CHIGO brand high-end ironing machine for new products, we only impact sales, leading to the quality of life. Lower prices, so that more families to enjoy high quality of life. A big promotion this price is equal to the machine you get free, just buy the cost of postage and perfect customer service guarantee. Our products are supported by CHIGO inspection counters, while enjoying the hundreds of customer service outlets perfect service
We hope that more families can experience our sincere benefits, the introduction of a friend, a gift of family colleagues, let more people get the benefits.

  • Easy-fill, translucent water tank with 2.8L capacity provides over 50 minutes of continuous steam.
  • Rapid heating in only 45 seconds.
  • Automatic shutdown when the temperature is too high or shortage of water, automatic restart.
  • Double security system.
  • Plug underdrain easy for cleaning and maintenance design.
  • Roll wheel for easy movement.
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