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Cheekaaboo Baby Swimwear is a dream come true for active families! The Cheekaaboo Warmiebabes Suits and Waterbabes Wraps have been gaining recognition for outperforming other baby swimsuits in keeping babies warm and relatively cold-free, in and out of the water. The baby swimwears are made from 2mm double lined neoprene with thermal resistant properties and they have been tested to be free from harmful chemicals such as lead and phthalates.

The chlorine-resistant suits also have SPF50+ protection and they offer adequate coverage from neck to ankles, with a layer of insulation that helps to minimise the chances of water getting in between baby and the swimsuit. The durable YKK zip, soft velcro fastener and puff label at the back offer a child-friendly grip. The Cheekaaboo Waterbabes Wrap is specially designed for easy wearing with its open fl at and zap up features.

This is for Malay description. Cheekaaboo swimwear sememangnya sesuai untuk kanak-kanak aktif.

Potongan yang menarik menjadikan baju renang ini tumpuan keluarga.

This is for Chinese description.


Ni hao.

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