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Cheekaaboo Baby Swimwear is a dream come true for active families! The Cheekaaboo Warmiebabes Suits and Waterbabes Wraps have been gaining recognition for outperforming other baby swimsuits in keeping babies warm and relatively cold-free, in and out of the water. The baby swimwears are made from 2mm double lined neoprene with thermal resistant properties and they have been tested to be free from harmful chemicals such as lead and phthalates.

The chlorine-resistant suits also have SPF50+ protection and they offer adequate coverage from neck to ankles, with a layer of insulation that helps to minimise the chances of water getting in between baby and the swimsuit. The durable YKK zip, soft velcro fastener and puff label at the back offer a child-friendly grip. The Cheekaaboo Waterbabes Wrap is specially designed for easy wearing with its open fl at and zap up features.

This is for Malay description. Cheekaaboo swimwear sememangnya sesuai untuk kanak-kanak aktif.

Potongan yang menarik menjadikan baju renang ini tumpuan keluarga.

This is for Chinese description.


Ni hao.

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    133 reviews

    Perfect swimwear for kids

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 28, 2018

    I got a perfect size for my daughter. She is 2 years old. At first I received this swimwear, I am really impressed with the material used for this swimsuit. It is a very high quality material and it is quite thick. So it is perfect for kids to swim or playing in the water for a long time because my daughter do not feel too cold with this swimsuit. She’s looking so comfortable and enjoying her swim session. I really recommend this swimsuit to parents who wants to buy swimsuit for their kids. And not to forget, it’s colours and prints is really cute and bright! My daughter love it!

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    Victoria Low
    241 reviews

    Cheekaaboo Baby/Kid Swimwear

    5 out of 5, reviewed on September 27, 2018

    Before this, I have to stop my kid’s swimming lesson halfway because he always caught cold and cough after swimming class. And I always thought a proper swimsuit is pretty good but it’s proven that I’m wrong when I got the chance to try him on Cheekaaboo thermal swimwear.

    Cheekaaboo swimwear is spongy thick but material is soft and comfort to wear, it’s not heavy while in the water or on the land. It keep my boy warm and not shivering when he not in the water. And now we even can go swimming early in the morning.

    It’s come with SPF 50+ protection (love this so much) because it protect my child from neck to knee, I just need to apply sunblock on his face and below knees. He can now play happily for hours. Oh ya, although Cheekaaboo swimwear is abit thick but it doesn’t limit my kid’s movement and he can run, swim and jump just like normal.

    Definately will choose Cheekaaboo swimwear for my youngest baby when she ready to learn swimming.

    P/S: will do a video review when I have time later.

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    50 reviews

    Warm and comfy water play bodysuit

    5 out of 5, reviewed on September 26, 2018

    I am very pleased at the full body suit. The bright yellow color with pineapple motive was really cute. The quality is really good and the stitching is really strong (no worries of it unraveling or tearing ar the seams). The material is thick but insides are soft. It is quite water proof thus minimizing how wet your child will be. High quality zippers make it easy to zip up and down even with one hand. Love how the suit is designed similarly to a surfers body suit. I am pleased to note that it really kept baby warm. My swimming pool tends to get really cold and my girls always start shivering after a mere 15 mins of water play. I expected the same with baby but after 15 minutes of pool time, there were no indications of the cold – no shivering, no blue lips or any of the indications she is cold. The only downside to this body suit is that is is not easy to put on a baby that cannot stand yet as the material is thick and hard to pull up on a baby lying down but I do not forsee much problems for an older child. Overall, I love cheekaboo and will be looking at buying them for my older kids too. Watch my videos on youtube chen2nat to see it in action!

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    32 reviews

    Cheekaaboo Baby Swimwear

    5 out of 5, reviewed on September 23, 2018

    We haven’t had a chance to bring our baby to swimming yet as I am outstationed for the past 2 weeks. We shall bring her later by end of this week to celebrate her 1st year birthday.
    Overall, the quality is top class quality, with thick insulation to keep the baby warm while swimming later. The usahe of velcro tapes are very much ease our job as parents to suit her up faster.

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