Certainty Adult Tape

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3D Diamond Dry Layer:

Helps to speedily drive absorption throughout the pad and prevent backflow

Super Absorbent Polybeads:

Ensures fluid is absorbed and locked into absorbent pad.

Refastenable Frontal Patch:

Provides adjustable and secure fastening of adhesive tapes.

Soft Skin Touch And Contoured Body Fit:

Especially shaped and designed for soft and good body fit for lasting comfort.

Leak Guards:

Maximum protection against side leakage at legs.

Wetness indicator:

Fades away when the diaper is wet and ready for change.


Available in sizes:

  • M
  • L
  1. Avatar

    64 reviews

    My grandma prefer pant type

    3 out of 5, reviewed on May 20, 2020

    My grandma is using this Certainty adult diapers since she got stroke and not convenient to move around. We bought this tape type for her previously but she does not like it. She felt it is not so comfortable in wearing tape type. She wanted to change it to pant. End up we found she loves to wear Certainty adult diapers pant type after we bought for her to try.

  2. Avatar

    491 reviews

    Lampin dewasa yg sgt selesa dipakai

    4 out of 5, reviewed on November 5, 2017

    Saya mmg pengguna setia lampin dewasa certainty ni.Harganya mmg berbaloi dgn kualiti dan berpatutan utk dibeli.Saya mnggunakannya urk ibu saya dan dia nmpk selesa mnggunakannya.Tekstur lampin tidak terlalu tebal,tapi mmpunyai daya serapan yg smpurna.Walaupun bila tidur dan aliran bnyak,ia tidak pernah bocor.Tekstur permukaan lampin juga sgt lembut dan selesa dipakai.Aliran udara yg baik yg mnjadikan ibu saya tetap merasa kering walaupun dh penuh.Cuma kalau lh lampin ni ada teknologi serapan bau lagi elok utk pengguna.

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