Centon Instant Shower Water Heater – Serene Series

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The elegant instant water heater with a unique watch index designed chrome temperature knob, powered by a built-in booster pump to deliver to you 4.5 times stronger hot shower water flow, and that’s how self-confidence is boosted in the shower. Here the benefits Centon Serene:

  • Multi-Spray Hand Set – Shower Hand Set selection allows users to select preferred shower spray pattern for optimum shower sensation.
  • Allows users to make fine power adjustment to produce desired shower temperature
  • Splash-Proof Casing – Protection against water jet spray from all possible directions.
  • Built-in RCD – Life-saving device which cuts off power supply in the event of current leakage, protecting users from from getting electric shock.
  • Built-in Voltage Surge Protector – Protects internal electrical circuit from electrical surges and voltage spikes, including those caused by lightning.
  • Built-in Flow Sensor – Cuts off power supply in the event where water flow is less than the rated flow that might result in internal overheating.
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