Cellnique Intensive Hydrating Lotion

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  • Preserve optimum moisture balance to the skin
  • Promote NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) to increase retention of hydration in the skincell
  • Flavor the formation of healthy connective tissues for maximized hydration
  • Rich moisturizing attributes for skin softening
  • Give skin a smooter, younger and healthier complexion
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    Moisturise my skin

    5 out of 5, reviewed on October 2, 2017

    I tend to take very hot showers so the moisture is usually drained out of my skin, but when I smooth this on my skin with a cotton pad, I can feel my skin being relieved and refilled with water. It feels very light on, absorbs quickly but is still very hydrating. It also leaves no residue behind at all. I feel my skin is plumper after every application. It is also non sticky, leaving behind no grease or residue.

    The bad: I’m not a fan of the bottle as it is a tall pour bottle that I found hard to control the amount of lotion dispensed out of it. I ended up pouring everything into a bottle with a pump as I find that easier to use.

    Overall: I really like this toner as it is so simple but works so well. I appreciate that I can feel my skin being refilled with moisture after each application. While its main purpose is to hydrate the skin, I also feel that it does a good job at removing any left-over dirt or grime on the skin as well. The only thing I would improve is the bottle design as I find it a little hard to manoeuvre. I would recommend this to everyone, to be honest. It’s light enough for people with oily skin to use (and would help to balance out the skin), and people with dry skin will just suck this up. Of course, it is also perfect for anyone with sensitive skin, which is what it was designed for originally.

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    Sesuai dengan harga.

    4 out of 5, reviewed on September 15, 2017

    Sedikit mahal, tetapi produk ini memberi keputusan yang baik pada akhirnya. Mampu menampakkan wajah anda bertambah ayu, menawan serta berseri secara semulajadi. Bau yang menyegarkan juga sebagai terapi. Selamat mencuba.

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