Celllabs Posh D-centa – Deer Placenta

Product Details

Why POSH D-Centa?

  • 12 in 1 perfectly synergized luxurious formulation
  • Get more potent natural antioxidants to slow down cellular aging
  • Value added with Hyaluronic acid and Silk Amino Acid for instant skin hydration
  • Optimum dosage of high performing active ingredients
  • High extraction ratio of fresh deer placenta to ensure high purity and bioavailability

Deer Placenta contains: 

  • Natural Nutrients
  • Cell Building Blocks
  • Natural Growth Factors
  • Natural Antioxidants
  • Skin Beautifying Nourishments

Deer Placenta formulated from New Zeland

  • One of the most pristine grassland and the least polluted places on earth. We only support government-licensed farms to supply for our pure Outstanding Supreme Harvest Deer Placenta.
  • Yet, Celllabs wants to present the next level of deer placenta therapy enhanced with antioxidants and nourishing ingredients to create an even more perfect formulation that shows promising results in restoring health and vitality.
  • Fully manufactured in New Zealand, POSH D-centa is yet another innovation breakthrough for everyone who desires to find vigour from within.

For everyone who could benefit from consuming D-Centa, you could:-

  • Restore stamina and endurance.
  • Regain health and achieve energy and vitality.
  • Have an ancient recipe to maintain youth.
  • Have smoother, softer and velvety skin.
  • Revitalise your day with Celllabs POSH D-centa to stay young, fit and healthy from the inside out. Empower yourself and your loved ones to take on any challenge ahead.

Instant Anti-Aging Effect 3-5 day

CellLabs POSH D-Centa contains 12 natural live cell therapy with deer placenta which could work by repairing and rejuvenating the cells, essentially stimulating the body to repair itself.

This product is therefore an excellent natural choice that promises longevity and healthy life. Because it is able to create perfect formulation that shows promising results in restoring health.

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