Cellglo CE Eyes Powder
Cellglo CE Eyes Powder

Cellglo CE Eyes Powder

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In this day and age, it’s impossible for kids to escape the lure and convenience of online content on smartphones and computers – whether informative, educational or entertainment, including addictive games – all available at their fingertips. Prolonged screen time, however, takes a toll on eyes, causing eye dryness, eye fatigue, even headaches.

A great way to boost your children’s eye health is with Cellglo CE Eyes Powder, a specially formulated eyecare drink from France containing nutrients essential for eye health, such as pure, natural, potent forms of antioxidants, namely Lutein, Astaxanthin and fresh berries extracts, in optimised ratio which provide fast absorption and high bioavailability to deliver the best results.

Lutein, extracted from marigold flower petals in Switzerland, protects the eyes from harmful blue light, suppresses inflammation, defends against free radicals and oxidative stress, enhances the sharpness of vision and protects eye tissue from sunlight damage. Astaxanthin, extracted from microalgae Haematococous Pluvalis from Hawaii Island, prevents dry eyes and soreness, reduces eye strain and fatigue, protects the optic nerve and increases blood flow to retina capillaries. Not only that, it also improves skin dryness and pigmentation and maintains heart health.

Cellglo CE Eyes Powder contains no artificial sweeteners, colouring or flavouring, making it ideal for your kids.

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