Canmake Strong Eye Liner 02 Sweet Brown

Product Details

• Will not run or come off easily! Waterproof formulation that stands up to sweat, sebum and rubbing
• Will not come off easily, even if you cry or rub your eyes!
• The fine brush ensures that all of the lines you draw look great!
• he fine brush has just the right degree of flexibility to enable you to draw any kind of line, just the way you envisage it! Perfect for drawing fine lines at the edge of your lids, filling in the gaps between each lash, and creating a line that extends upwards at the outer corners of your eyes!
• The brush feels stable as you draw the line, so you don’t need to worry about your hand shaking!
• Film-type formulation makes make-up removal simple! Will not run or come off easily, but can be removed simply with lukewarm water!
• A strong ultra-black that gives your eyes the ultimate in impact! We’ve paid particular attention to color in creating this strong black! Enhances the impact of your eyes! The beautiful color lasts for hours, looking as though you’ve only just applied it. No unevenness in color
• Beauty essence eyeliner is kind to your eyes. Contains hyaluronic acid ! Care for your eyes while wearing make-up

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