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To fully get the most out of your kitchen, you must have the right ingredients and the right tools for the job. The Butterfly Stand Mixer BSM-4368 is the perfect choice for your kitchen as it helps you beat the dough to perfection, giving your cakes and pastries that extra edge in texture and flavour.


You can now decide on how you want your ingredients to be mixed, thanks to the Butterfly Stand Mixed BSM-4368 4-speed selector with pulse function. It uses up to 350W of power and has a bowl capacity of 2.2L, making sure that you can fit just about anything into the bowl to mix.

Detachable Parts

The Butterfly Stand Mixer BSM-4368 comes with detachable hand mixers like the dough beater and the dough hooks. This way, you can choose how you want your dough to be mixed. The mixer is also easy to clean as the parts are detachable, ensuring that no part will remain unhygienic and dirty.

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