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Flaky scalp is a combined side effect of dryness and the rapid growth babies go through in the first few months of their lives. This results in cracking of the skin and the flakes are skin’s over-attempt at recovery. Our prebiotic boosted Flaky Scalp Oil will help prevent further cracking and soothe existing discomfort.

  1. Cherrybabe57
    4 reviews

    Good oil

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 28, 2018

    I started using this before my son was born for my stretch marks n it worked wonders. I hardly have stretch marks thanks to this oil…When my son was born, he was born with a lot of hair n soon after a while I started noticing flakes on his scalp n I knew that instant that he has a mild form of cradle crap. After applying n massaging this buds oil everyday, it eventually got better n it went off.. my son is seven months now but I’m still applying this oil on his head before bath n his scalp is healthy. Will continue to buy this because the oil is mild unlike the original olive oil that you get in the market which has a strong texture n scent.

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