Breville BES-840 Infuser Espresso Machine

Product Details

Get Breville BCG600 The Dose Control Pro Coffee Bean Grinder for only RM 549.90 (50% off from RCP 1099) with a purchase of Breville BES-840 Infuser Espresso Machine.

Savour deliciously aromatic coffee whenever you want, and brewed precisely the way you like it.

Key Features

  • This Breville Infuser Espresso Machine BES840 begins by gently pre-heating the grounds to infuse them, ensuring an even extraction with the 15 bar Italian pressure pump.
  • The PID temperature control keeps temperatures at the optimal level. Inbuilt tamper.
  • Rather than start with bursts of high pressure, a steady low pressure pre-infusion gently expands the grinds before stepping up to high pressure for an even extraction.
  • Thermoblock and thermocoil water heating with inbuilt purge function to avoid bitterness.
  • Programmable and semi-automatic pour functions provide both single and double shots. Other features include a 1.8 litre tank, one and two cup volumetric control and a frothing jug.


  1. Kai Lee Tan
    3 reviews

    3 years + and still loving it

    4 out of 5, reviewed on March 2, 2018

    We have bought this for nearly three years by now and still loving it. Used to owned another 2 coffee machines – home used and commercial used. This is a mix of casual and professional use (semi-pro) i Would say where There is automatic feature as well as Manual function.

    The steamer is great and you can steam milk and Make latte art. Probably not as foamy as It could be if You are to compared It with commercial used. Acceptable medium size machine that is not taking much of the kitchen space.

    Downside: A little costy if to compare to other specs. Briville service centre is limited in malaysia.

  2. connienee30
    135 reviews

    Lives up to expectations and Well Built

    4 out of 5, reviewed on October 18, 2017

    I did some research and read a lot of forums about the review of different brand of expresso machine before make the deal. First and foremost, this is an absolutely fantastic home espresso machine for the price. A bit of a learning curve, I use fresh local roasted coffee and find the grind size is dependent on differences in each batch, and on the temperature and humidity.

    The structure is built well and i have had it for going on 4 months now, and have used it just about every day to make espresso at the least, with some lattes and mochas thrown in, the steam wand works its magic relatively fast and the whole thing is durable. I like the option to have the pressurized and non-pressurized baskets. It really gives you the opportunity to perfect your grind & tamp. It is much simpler to operate and I usually set it somewhere between 15 and 12. The gauge is very useful. If you can get the gauge to be in the area between the two screws the coffee comes out in a medium dark thin foamy stream, and is almost perfect.The swivel arm for the frothing of the milk as well as the extra spout for hot water.

    My very first attempt was with grinder at DEFAULT. 2 Shot, 17.8 Seconds, Grind Size 12. This yielded 16g of grounds and I tamped it to 30 pounds. Results: UNDER EXTRACTED, barely any movement of needle, pathetic looking shot, ran for maybe 10 seconds. After another few test shots, with grinder settings. 2 Shot, 19.2 Seconds, Grind Size 5. This yielded 18g of grounds which I tamped to 30 pounds. Result: NAILED IT! STRONG meter movement, pegged the meter right in between the 2 metal screws of the gauge, beautiful mouse tails coming out, 26 second pull and DELICIOUS.

    On the Breville, there is some shortfall which is sometimes when removing the basket from the machine, the shot-cup stays stuck on the machine so you have a reach up and pry it loose by hand. And if you’re lucky enough that the shot-cup comes off with the basket, then it might fall off in the garbage can. The hot water dispenser is ok, but it’s not hot enough. I’m having to use an external hot water source when topping up my Americanos, otherwise the coffee is luke warm. This machine is noisy during startup and operation.The water container doesn’t last long at all, especially if you do use the hot water dispenser. Every time you turn the machine on, does its little dance and uses up a little bit of water compared to Deloghi brand, no such issue happened. I found this machine has some quirks (drops water into the accessories tray) but nothing terrible.

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