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Excerpt from Chapter 4: Smoking  A Deadly Habit

With all these nearly inescapable health hazards, smog, etc, in the world to overcome, it’s incredible that millions of people harm their lungs even more by inhaling deadly tobacco smoke into their lungs.

Nicotine is poison! It immediately affects lung function and constricts your cardiovascular system. It destroys vitamin C, which is vital to your health and immune system. After only 12 hours of not smoking, nicotine blood levels fall and the heart and lungs begin healing. If you smoke, please stop now and be loving to your body.

The lungs’ air sacs are further damaged by tobacco tars and carbon particles. These lodge in the walls of the lungs’ important balloon-like cells, causing them to lose their natural elasticity and eventually breaking them down altogether. The result? Emphysema—the killer disease in which destruction of the breathing mechanism slowly smothers its victim from within.

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