Botanical Therapy Soothing Gel Leaf Barrier

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Green colour soothing gel calming down heat and irritation on the skin

  • When your baby’s skin get more sensitive due to a heat – Skin becomes to turn red due to a sun exposure.
  • Having any irritation due to either scratching or chafing your skin.
  • Instant -5oC cooling effect immediately after applying it.

Contains botanical ingredients that helps to soothes and calm down the skin

  • The secret ingredient, Leaf-BarrierTM is contained.
  • Extracts three hers essentials (Apple Mint/Thyme/Green Tea) in rich by low-temp pressing.
  • Apply on every body part that needs instant cooling.

Completion on safety tests

  • Completed Evaluation of Skin Temperature Degreded (cooling) test/ Korea Dermatology Research Institute (Jan 7th 2022 – Jan 10th 2022).
  • Completed Dermal sedation assessment (magnetic damage) test/ Korea Dermatlogy Research Institute (Jan 12th 2022 – Feb 3rd 2022).
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