Botanical Therapy Baby Shampoo Pure Unscented

Product Details


Weakly acidic formula shampoo that cleanses the scarp perfectly

  • Contains weakly acidic formula considering only for the scarp care
  • Environmental Working Group (EWG) green grade
  • No used petroleum-based surfactants
  • Soft textured mirco-bubble by plant-based petroleum surfactants.

Containing Botanic ingredients that gives a benefit for both hair moisturizing and scarp condition

  • The secret ingredient, Leaf-BarrierTM that is origin of Botanical Therapy.
  • Moisturizing benefit from the Witch Hazel extract on the package,
  • Makes the hair softer after shampooing, prevents dandruff.

Competion on overall safesty test

  • No detection on 10-type rick assesment (ex_heavy metal)
  • No detection on issued chemicals such as MIT.CMIT and Dioxane.
  • Completion on Skin Irritation Test (SIT).
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