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A series of 7 award-winning supercharged serums for 7 of the most common skin types. No matter if you have blemishes, dark spots, dull and dry skin, eye bags and dark circles, enlarged pores, uneven tone or wrinkles, the BOOST LAB range has the solution you’ve been looking for!

The range consists of the Hydro Boost serum with 2D-Hyaluronic, Blemish Rescue serum with Vitamin B3, Brightening serum with Vitamin C, Eye Reset serum with Bio-Active, Anti-ageing serum with Multi-Peptide, Resurfacing serum with AHA Glow, and the Night Renewal serum with Retinol. You can choose to use each serum on its own, or together for optimal skin rejuvenation.

The BOOST LAB formula ensures that each active ingredient has the perfect concentration. The serums were designed by maintaining the balance between efficacy and skin tolerance, to produce Intelligent Release Formulations. All serums have also been dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.

With 3 easy steps – cleanse, boost and moisturise – the BOOST LAB range of serums provides deep moisturisation, while maintaining and restoring the skin barrier. Designed for easy selection, and as an enhancer to your current products, the BOOST LAB serum series is also affordable without compromising on quality. Get a skin boost from BOOST LAB for renewed, refreshed and radiant skin!

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