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BOOM Power, a quality powder detergent incorporates with ATOM POWER TM which serve you the powerful cleaning efficacy that remove stubborn stains effectively. Moreover, it freshens the clothes with nice fragrance and long lasting after smell.

BOOM POWER powder detergent fulfills all Malaysian families requirement for a powder detergent. You can have both quality and affordability at the convenience of all BOOM POWER consumers. Now, you can have all the effective wash without paying more!

BOOM POWER powder detergent is available in 2 variants which are Flora Segar and Limau Nipis in 3 pack size; 800g, 2.5Kg and 4 Kg in leading hypermarket and major supermarket.

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    5 out of 5, reviewed on October 25, 2017

    Mak saya di kampung menggunakan sabun boom. Memang banyak buih sabun ini. Cuciannya juga agak berkesan sekali. Cuma mesti guna air yang banyak untuk menghilangkan buih sabun. Sabun BOOM ini sungguh menjimatkan untuk golongan kurang berkemampuan. Gunakan hanya 1 scoop sahaja. Harga nya juga menjimatkan.

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