Body Buddy Jeju Carrot Moisture Soothing Gel

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Body Buddy Jeju Carrot Moisture Soothing Gel contain purity 99.5% carrot water. It makes health skin with the effect of calming and moisturizing. It has a high absorption with a type of hyaloid gel and makes calm for burning or irritated skin. Free from 6 chemicals; parabens, colour, silicon, mineral oil, sulphate and benzophenone.

As a carrot extract containing plenty of collagen ingredients and vitamin C, IT it prevents skin aging and soothes skin fatigued by external stress. Carrot helps for boil, and some skin trouble. It also makes skin silky and moisturizes. B-carotene has an antioxidant effect. Vitamin C is to help collagenesis, so it effects skin aging and wrinkles.

Usage instructions:

  • Mix with BB cream or foundation with the ratio 2:1
  • Mixed the gel and crude oil on cotton pad, then storage in the refrigerator. You can use as a face mask or massage.
  • Use soaked cotton pad with the gel and gently exfoliate your lips.
  • Put the carrot gel on your dry hair.
  • Lather the gel on your whole body. It makes your skin much silky and moisture.
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