Bocalex Efferxon Zin-c | Vitamin C With Zinc

Product Details

Efferxon Zin-C is 1000mg vitamin C with zinc for adults. No sugar added, suitable for everyone, including diabetes people. Both vitamin C and zinc are important nutrients for our health. The combination of vitamin C and zinc is a better formula for health.

Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant. It protects the body against the harmful effects of free radicals and supports a healthy bodily system.

  1. 1000mg Vitamin C: Simple and convenient way to support daily needs
  2. 10mg Zinc: Further enhanced body health and immunity
  3. Great taste: Refreshing orange taste, everyone loves it
  4. Convenient tube design: Easily bring around and drink it anytime
  5. No added sugar: It uses Stevia as sweetener, even suitable for diabetes people
  6. Good quality: For overall wellness and health maintenance

6 Health Benefits of Efferxon Zin-C | Vitamin C with Zinc

Firstly, it helps to maintain good health. Vitamin C is important for red blood cell formation. Then, it helps in growth and tissues repair. In addition, it supports healthy bones and cartilage. Also, vitamin C strengthens teeth and gums. Lastly, it is an important factor for collagen formation.

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