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Pregnancy entails months of hormonal changes in a woman, and that includes changes to the skin of postpartum, such as dullness and hyperpigmentation. Hence the necessity for a nourishing skincare routine that soothes and rejuvenates the skin.

The ‘Made in Malaysia’ Bmama Exfoliating Body Bar series, formulated using premium ingredients from Australia and Borneo, brings you heavenly aromatherapeutic “spa treatments” you can indulge in right at home.

The Royal Java Lulur Exfoliating Herbal Body Bar draws upon the famous Javanese Lulur, a royal ritual dating back to 17th-century Yogyakarta where it’s used to cleanse and purify the skin of brides-to-be through a blend of Asian botanicals with turmeric at its core and ginger. Taking Royal Java up a notch is the addition of sweet orange oil, while the Java turmeric used, thanks to its active compound xanthorrhizol, revitalizes dry, dull skin.

The Coffee Mint Exfoliating Body Bar buffs and revives your skin with natural coffee granules from the rainforests of Borneo as it soothes dry, irritated skin, while the crispness of peppermint awakes the senses and kick-starts your day.

Complementing the series is the Floral Aroma Exfoliating Body Bar, embedded with rose petals that gently exfoliate your skin. The divine potpourri of rose geranium, lavender, patchouli and Citrus aurantifolia essential oils, meanwhile, cleanses, calms and pampers your skin to perfection.

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