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Women and Hair Loss

Hair loss has been a major aesthetic and cosmetic concern for women today. For women, a beautiful thick hair symbolises their own crowning glory. You will notice that the image of shiny silky hair represents in advertisement these days identifies with female beauty, good health, youth and vigour.

It is to show that, physical appearances and self image does matter in how we present ourselves in society and personal surroundings today. People that have a good looking image tend to get ahead in most circles as it reflects how good they feel about themselves. The perception of balding and thinning hair associates with sickness, ageing and lack of proper hygiene.

The term (Androgenetic Alopecia) is the main case of almost 90% of female hair losses. This is caused by a chemical called male hormone Dihydrotestosterone or DHT found in both men and women bodies, which builds up around the air follicle and over time destroys both the hair shaft and the hair follicle.

Other causes can occur from pregnancy or the onset of menopause may cause a fluctuation in the production of estrogen. Lacking sufficient estrogen to produce testosterone-blocking enzymes, testosterone is then converted to DHT on the scalp. The result is a shorter hair growth cycle, finer hair and excessive hair loss from shedding and breakage. This is widely known as the ”Genetic predisposition” factor.

Besides genetics factors, there are many other reasons why women lose hair. Many women these days do use oral contraceptives that cause female hair loss. Our hectic lifestyle these days which contributes to emotional stress and lack of proper nutrition or healthy dietary will also cause hair shedding. On the same note, if we have a yo-yo diet, or suffering from an eating disorder such as anorexia, that cause rapid weight loss; it will cause excessive hair shedding. Other common factors that I observe in women these days are the constant use of harsh chemicals or aggressive hair styling that cause permanent damage to the fragile hair follicle.

Fungal or scalp infections can cause hair loss but this is a rare occurrence. Also, smoking, air pollution, and even wearing ill-fitting head scarf that restricts blood and air circulation will cause hair loss. Medical research has also found that many high percentage of women with hair loss suffered deficiency in the amino acid lysine and iron. Lysine is important for transporting iron to support hair growth and can be found in eggs and red meat.

What you can do to reverse hair loss

There are many simple ways to sustain and delay hair losses. These are some ways I taught myself to take care of my hair health.

Drink green tea and purified water daily

Green tea has high properties of anti-oxidants. It helps cleanse your blood and detoxify toxic from body. This is because bad blood distribution can cause harm to your organ tissues that include hair. You may also drink at least 2 litres of water a day to get rid of impurities and to maintain hair growth.

Proper supplements and nutrition

Low fat food that rank in high protein, low in carbohydrates and essential fatty acids can help sustain healthy hair growth i.e. white meat, salmons, spinach, oat meals, fresh berries, soya bean, mustard oil, sardines, yogurt, etc. Non-essential Amino acids like L-Cysteine and L- Methionine; that can be easily found in many meat, poultry and vegetarian diet is widely found to improve my hair quality and health. Vitamin B, zinc and calcium are particularly important for hair growth. No junk foods. A well-balance diet plan is the way to improve yourself.

Regular exercises

I have daily stretches, brisk walk, gardening, any activity that could help regular work out on your body. Getting in good shape and improving your cardiovascular activities builds a strong immune system. Even if you just work out 30 minutes at least 2-3 times a week help tremendously to allow your body and hair scalp to sustain healthy hair growth. Qi Gong and self meditation not only help to sustain your mental well being. Destress is also an important way to avoid hair loss due to stressful lifestyle. Indirectly it calms you down and regulates a better sleeping habit which is essential for general health and especially hair growth.

Regular head massages

It is widely known that frequent massages on your head will help alleviate the follicles of your hair and regulate hair growth. Easy blood circulation to your follicles brings nutrition and oxygen to stimulate your hair growth. You may try some aromatherapy head messages with essential oils like rosemary oil, it’s is great for stimulating the brain and improving memory and mental clarity. The aromatic compounds of the essential oil, once disperse into hair, arrest hair loss by combination of inhalation and absorption of oil into your skin.

Herbal remedies

There are some natural plants derivates that have properties to encourage healthy growth of hair. (Spilantes acmella, Partulaca, Aloe, Burdock, Sage, Rosemary, Licorice, Mulberries and many others).

I strongly encourage choices of natural organic products to avoid much chemical and industrial grade detergent found in hair care products. Harsh and prolong use of chemical use will strip natural oils on hair and lead to thinning of hair and poor hair growth. Do not use any hair product that has alcohol contents. It will irritate the hair scalp and its toxic to human cells and hair follicles, it will aggravate hair loss.

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