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Why Can’t I Conceive?

It seems quite a mystery when couples fail to conceive after months of unprotected sex. Why, all that action between the sheets and still no pregnancy! In many cases, nary a medical issue is detected and the predicament seems unexplainable. In cases like these, one’s lifestyle or even certain detrimental habits may be getting in the way of a pregnancy. This means, a few changes here and there may increase your chances of conceiving!

Having trouble getting pregnant? Here are some areas worth peeking into for a few adjustments and who knows, you may just be blessed sooner than you think with the pitter-patter of little feet!

Obsessed on the ‘right time’, are you? Stop!

That’s right… putting too much emphasize into one’s fertile time not only takes the fun out of sex, but it stresses you out too! Our advice is to just get it on as often as you want. Women in general are able to get pregnant even in the preovulatory phase, so just spread the time for your bedroom actions a little wider and you may significantly improve your odds!

Let’s not be stingy on good food

Zinc-rich foods have been proven to improve the maturity of a woman’s eggs. You will find that lean turkey meat, chicken breasts and nuts are all rich in zinc. Take in more whole grains too, for their rich vitamin B and E content are known to work together to create the most baby-friendly environment in your womb!

Selenium, on the other hand, is essential for sperm formation and foods like Brazil nuts, fish, eggs and mushrooms seem to carry loads of it. Yogurt, eggs, fresh salmon, oranges and asparagus boast healthy supplies of B vitamins, which have been known to boost sperm count. Vitamin E is said to improve sperm mobility and is found in almonds, avocados and tomatoes.

Limit your alcohol consumption…

…or better still, abstain! While a glass of wine may help get you in the mood, do keep in mind that alcohol can have a negative impact on the reproductive system and may compromise one’s fertility. Even small amounts can affect the menstrual cycle and reduce your chance of conceiving. Now guys, if you’re snickering at this fact, please take note that drinking also lowers testosterone levels and not to mention the quality of your sperm!

If you’re not about to buy into this, then at least remember the following: Men trying for children should stay within a reasonable limit (3-4 units a day – equals to a pint and a half of beer). If a woman trying to conceive chooses to drink, she should have no more than 1-2 units once or twice a week (two units equals a 175ml glass of wine).

Put the ciggies out now!

It is no secret that smokers are more likely to have fertility problems. Smoking not only hinders ovulation, damages eggs and reduces sperm motility, but also helps to carry more than 7,000 chemicals throughout your body. Needless to say, this is detrimental to your health regardless of whether you’re trying for a baby or not!

Watch those scales

Can being over or underweight affect one’s fertility? According to fertility experts, it certainly can! A body mass index of 30 or over or less than 19 can mean taking a longer time to conceive. Reducing a high BMI by 10% will increase your chances of becoming pregnant, as well as improve the effectiveness of fertility treatments if you were to have any. A healthy, balanced diet together with regular exercise should help you get to your ideal weight and in turn, increase your chances of conceiving!

Keep your body well-hydrated

Water is the elixir of our life. It is the basis of our blood, which in turn feeds every part of our bodies. A dehydrated body is an unhealthy, tired body which will not function well and needless to say, will be of no help if you’re trying to conceive. We dare say you detest dry, hot weather? Well, so do your partner’s sperm! Water helps to increase cervical mucus, which helps those little swimmers race freely through the cervix to the egg.

Stop stressing out about getting pregnant

Ironically enough, stressing about getting pregnant may temporarily shut down your fertility! Stress is capable of ceasing ovulation and disrupting hormone levels. Try deep breathing, yoga, meditation, massage or regular walks. Taking a break from work has been known to help. Ever wondered why many childless couples suddenly conceived while on vacation? Enough said!

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