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Who Would Have Thought A Simple Onesie Could Almost Kill A Child!

A mum experienced a serious moment when her 3 years old daughter almost died due to onesies. Katie Price, shared her shocking experience on her personal Facebook and warning other parents about the danger of putting children to sleep in a zip-up pyjama as her toddler was almost strangled by a onesie.

“I hear a weird noise and I turn around to her being choked by her onesie”

In her post, Katie explained that her daughter moved up and the onesie moved down at the back. Hence, the front tightened around her neck and with it being a zip, it got stuck and she couldn’t loosen it which resulted in her airways being pushed against and strangled.

The onesie that almost choked Sophie

 “Zips on onesies are dangerous. Just wanted to warn parents about this matter”

“Sophie couldn’t tell me or try to get my attention because she was suffocating,” she said. Thankfully, Katie was sleeping nearby so was able to help her daughter. Who would have thought a simple onesie could almost kill a child?

Other parents’ reactions

If you have onesies for your toddler, it is suggested not to let them wear that to bed. Take this incident as a learning experience for parents out there. You can’t predict what will happen. A onesie may be comfortable to be worn on a cold night, but safety comes first. Be alert and take a good care of your child.

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