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The Wellness Revolution: Global Wellpreneaurs Set To Create Positive Social Change

The wellness industry is booming. Why? Because the majority of the first world’s population is suffering the effects of stress, techno toxins and blind living. However, the recent injection of digital marketing has developed the cohesion of a community of compassionate crusaders, on a mission to make the world a better place.

With the pace of daily life increasing and stress levels sky rocketing higher than ever before, the world’s health mavens hold the key to our future. To move forward with technology; to keep smashing creative boundaries and uphold these new heights of innovation, we must learn to nurture our selves. Slowly and surely, nature’s way is being dissolved by the 24/7 ‘on’ lifestyle that modern developments seem to have created. With smart phones, social media, and high expectations for customer care, we no longer have boundaries to keep us in balance.

We’ve all seen the youth of today with their heads down, scrolling endlessly while apparently socialising. Maybe you’ve noticed that children of today need a lot more electronic equipment to be able to ‘play’. Perhaps you’ve even noticed within yourself that although you have more access to ‘inspo’ than ever before, your creativity couldn’t be more lacking.

Society is changing so fast, are we going to be able to keep up with it?

Are we going to be able to handle to upsurge of demands on our everyday lives?

The simple answer is: Yes. But only if we know how to handle it.

Growth of any kind takes nurturing. In order to nurture the growth of society as a whole, we need to be able to nurture ourselves as individuals. Learning to set boundaries, care for our bodies, give ourselves adequate rest and time to pause, reflect, play and ‘be’ is essential for maintaining a healthy mind and body. Losing our way with self-care happens easily. But we need to keep it a priority in order to pave the way for future generations.

Our future generations depend on us to lead by example – acting as responsible role models who understand and embody the need for self-care and healthy, balanced living. It’s easy to get caught up in the overwhelming of belief that we can’t make a difference – that the problems of society are too big for us to wrestle with. But if we just start with ourselves; if look within and take charge of our own need for peace and balance, we can extend that offering back out to others.

Social change is a global mission shared by many. While the majority of society thinks of the wellness industry in terms of offering predominantly physical benefits, the majority of us think of it as contribution. We want to make a difference in other people’s lives. We want to alleviate some of the suffering and bring people back to their natural state of being. Through health and wellness, ‘Wellpreneurs’ are marrying business with their love of giving back in efforts to serve as many people as possible.

The uprise of retreats, fitness getaways and online health trainings has made health accessible to the masses. Events like MURFEST (Malaysian Urban Retreat Festival) bring together leaders from around the world who are passionate about making a difference by passing on their expertise. From traditional methods such as yoga and Ayurveda, to more contemporary practices such as hula-hooping and dance therapy, the wellness industry strives to serve the world in a variety of fun, creative and effective ways with one common factor: to make a difference in the live of others, and positively influence society.

Feeling inspired and want to start making changes to your health right away? Here are 5 simple self-care practices that will keep you grounded and healthy so you can maintain balance and vitality throughout your week. You too, can be a leader in social change – whatever your profession, and whatever your level of health, know that you can make a difference in society. By being in your best state of health, your energy, actions, and presence become a positive influence on those around you.

1. Take time out

Benefits: refresh your mind and mood

Taking a half hour walk outside, or spending time alone in your favourite spot at home gives you the opportunity to reflect on things that have happened throughout the day, and allows you some time de-clutter your mind to create space for fresh ideas and a refreshed attitude. Schedule in some solitude time for yourself each day, free from electronics or other kinds of distractions.

2. Meditate

Benefits: rest your mind and heart; develop inner strength

Starting with as little as 15 mins a day can help to relax the mind and decrease stress levels in the body. Meditation nourishes the soul so we can stay grounded internally and develop inner strength to face life’s challenges. Adding meditation to your life can be as simple as taking a meditative walk with your mala (mantra/prayer) beads, or even quietly engaging in meditation before you get up to start your day.

3. Eat Well

Benefits: balanced energy levels and improved mental functioning

Whole, unprocessed food is nutritious and satisfying for the body. Keep your mind and body running efficiently by fuelling it with correct nutrition to prevent peaks and troughs in blood sugar levels. Balanced blood sugars also help to keep your mood in check, so you can get through the day without the rollercoaster ride of emotions! Stay on top of your nutrition throughout the day by bringing pre-prepared meals from home, including healthy snacks and drinks to keep you feeling high on nutrients throughout the day.

4. Exercise

Benefits: strengthens and tones the body, relieves stress

30 mins a day of almost any kind of exercise helps to relieve stress and keep you feeling strong and energetic. Whether it’s cardio, a fitness class, body-weight training or Pilates – enjoy your daily booster of feel-good endorphins every time you train! If you have trouble finding time to workout during the week, try factoring in some incidental exercise, like walking to and from work, and going for a class at the local gym on your lunch break.

5. Sleep

Benefits: prevention of fatigue, fogginess, forgetfulness

Adequate sleep is so important. Did you know that tiredness drives hormones that increase appetite, which triggers the desire to overeat? So make sure you’re getting 8-10hrs a day to keep your mind and body well rested. Try setting your alarm for 9-10pm to make sure you log off and shut down, with enough time to properly wind down before hopping into bed at a reasonable hour.

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