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How To Wear Perfume That Last Long

Perfume defines your true self. It defines your character, and it has become a part of your everyday routine. You might not notice this, but your perfume is actually your signature that can provide a sense of familiarity and even a comfort to loved ones. So, choosing a perfume is not an easy task as you need a scent that matches your personality.

Once you have a perfume that best defines your true self, now comes the part of using it. There are some misconceptions as to how to apply perfume and where to apply it. Wearing a perfume is not just spraying all over the body, it requires a special technique to keep the fragrance last long and not too overpower. Learn how to wear perfume that lasts long:

Take a shower

To ensure your perfume lasts long, it is best to take a shower first before applying it. Your skin absorbs perfume better after a nice and warm shower. So, make sure you take a hot shower so that your pores open and ready. Do not use body wash or soap that is scented. This may camouflage the real scent of your perfume. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin. This can cause your skin becomes more openly receptive to the perfume.

Apply to skin not clothes

Perfume sprayed directly onto clothes can cause watermarks which look unseemly. Perfume contains oil and it will stain fabrics. It works much better if you spray on pulse points rather than clothes as it can naturally go through the stages of notes like it should. If you spray on fabric, it will be absorbed and that is the reason why you keep on adding more perfume when the scent is getting fade away.

Hold perfume away from your body

It is recommended to hold the perfume away from your body, at least 5-7 inches away. Point the nozzle in the direction of your body and spray softly. Spraying perfume too close to your chest or body cause your skin to get wet. If you notice water dripping down the area that you spray perfume, it means you are holding it too closely.

Spray onto pulse points

Pulse points are places where blood vessels are close to the skin. The extra heat at these points causes heat rises into the air and making your perfume more likely to be smelled. The body heat will push the scent throughout the day, creating a nice scent trail. You can start with the warmest parts of your body – chest, neck, lower jaw, wrist, forearm, inner elbow and shoulder. You don’t have to spray at all these points, choose 1-2 points only.

Do not rub!

Let your pulse points dry naturally. Rubbing your wrists together after you put on perfume is a gesture that people normally do. Do you know that rubbing your wrists together breaks down the molecules of the perfume and dampens the smell? This action will kill the note. It breaks the molecular bond thus making the scent weaker. Wait for a couple of minutes before putting your clothes on. Your perfume will naturally release its note with the help of your body heat.

Don’t spray and walk

Spraying a fragrance in the air and walking through the mist is actually a worthless idea. Most of the fragrance drops straight to the floor, not on your body. Yes, you can smell the scent as you walk through it but it only the smell, not the perfume. Don’t waste your expensive by doing so.

Less is more

Perfume should be discovered, not announced. Only people who are close by should be able to smell your perfume, not your colleague who sits 10 tables away from you. But, it should be overpowered by those who are close by. Keep it subtle and smooth. Overdo perfume will kill the real scent.

Re-spray only when required

You are free to add more sprays to your wrists, depending on how long the scent lasts. If you purchase Eau de toilette, it normally lasts 2-4 hours and for Eau de Parfum, it lasts longer. So you should spray according to the type of the perfume and usually, it will be in the second half of the day. But take into account your body’s chemistry as in if you are actively sweating or in a hot place. These scenarios require you to re-spray in such a short time.

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